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We love our lights. Fixtures, luminaires, joineries, the whole works – we take immense pride in them. Which is why we are committed to ensuring that they integrate into your space seamlessly. We do so by providing a host of services to contractors starting from installation tips to troubleshooting that is administered by our team of On-Ground Experts.

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Upgrade Lights to Wireless Lighting Management System

Not only aesthetics, wellbeing and high efficacy, our lights also offer intelligence. They are designed to easily integrate into ETHOS – India’s first Wireless Lighting Management System. Leveraging the power of Wireless Internet of Things (W-IoT), Sensor Technology and Machine Learning to bring in flexibility, energy savings and optimized outcomes, ETHOS is clearly the first-choice Lighting Management System for any CEO and a dream come true for any Facility Manager.

A Host of Conveniences

All-Round Testing by Electricians
Any luminaire that reaches the contractor site is tested comprehensively by electricians who certify whether or not the product is ready to use. Only once they have signed off on the same, are the products deemed ready-to-ship.

Easy-to-grasp Labelling
Right from order number for each product to the details of the minutest component, our labels easily explain all that comes in your installation package.

Zero-waste Packaging
Our products are packed in the most effective way to minimize any packaging waste, so that you don’t have to worry about their disposal.

Explainer Manuals & Cut Sheets
Every structure is equipped with an installation manual and cut sheets that detail the dimensional and electrical information along with step-by-step instructions, so that you save time and effort in the assembly process.

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Our on-ground experts are available to assist you with any query on [email protected]. For any urgent issues, please feel free to contact them at 080-29765570/71.

Please reach out to the distributor who supplied the fixtures. They will reach out to us for any missing components.

Please reach out to the distributor who supplied the fixtures. They will reach out to us for any replacement parts.

Firstly, go through the instruction manual thoroughly to ensure that the installation happened correctly. If the luminaire is still raising issues, please contact the distributor.
All the installation instructions along with cut sheets and user manuals will be available in the shipment.
Once you receive the shipment, check for any damaged or missing carton and indicate the same accurately in your carrier delivery receipt or the BOL. Be sure to raise a freight claim.
Box all the fixtures in the original containers and contact the carrier services.
For any retrofit of emergency battery, please Get in Touch with us before placing the order.
Immediately after delivery. Please Get in Touch with us for further details.

You can leave your contact details in the Get in Touch section and our sales representative will get back to you immediately to discuss your requirements.

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