Lighting up your industry

Energy efficient solutions with precision optics rendering complete modular structure to bring in an aesthetic industrial ambience.

Lighting up our achievements

Awards and Recognition Rewards of recognition given to us in honour of our achievements.

Lighting up every space

Architectural Lighting Contemporarily styled fixtures for all types of architectural interiors. Groovy designs with an invisible joint for suspension from true ceilings makes it unique.

Lighting up your options

Customizable Lighting

We understand that one solution does not fit all. We pride ourselves in bringing surroundings to life by offering favorable customizations, designed to suit individual requirements.

Lighting up your enterprise

Commercial Lighting Intelligent lighting systems that help reduce power consumption while maintaining the desired lighting environment for your commercial set-up.

What sets us apart from others?

Innovation isn’t just about coming up with inventions. The on-ground challenges also need to be addressed. This is why we focus on the daily road travelled – taking care of customer’s present needs.

We literally lead our customers to light with our revolutionary technology that will help them scale up with the challenges of the future, even before they arise. From an LED driver to a fully automated lighting system, we come up with exciting and practical solutions. We are the go-to brand for all the lighting needs of our clients.


Solutions driven by innovation

Human-centric Lighting

Controllable lighting solutions across correlated color temperatures to evoke human behavior.

WELL Lighting

WELL certified in bringing lighting solutions that improve the health and human experience in any building.


Smart Lighting Solution

In Spotlight

We do not design products, we design outcomes. Our products and solutions are result of our futuristic thinking to create energy efficient sustainable products.

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